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Registering Domain Names

How to register a domain name, costs of owning a domain name, transfering a domain, and length of domain name registration are all covered in this article on registering a domain name. Find cheap domain names after reading this.

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If you spend any time on the Internet, you have been exposed to domain names. A domain name is the Web address that you type into the address bar of your Internet browser. It is the easy name (such as www.domainname.com) that is attached to a series of numbers that are much harder to remember.

Here's how it works:

Internet pages are stored on computer servers. All of the locations on the servers have an address - a string of numbers that identifies where the information can be found. Now, the Internet wouldn't be very user friendly if you had to type in numbers in order to call up a web site. So, instead, the location of a web site corresponds with a name that is easier to use by most people. This is known as a domain name. When you type in the domain name, the computer server recognizes that it is connected to a specific address expressed in numbers, and it retrieves the web site almost instantly.

Registering your domain name

In order to make the system work efficiently, it is necessary to ensure that each domain name is unique, so that when someone types in a web address, the right web site is retrieved. This means that a process of registration is required. Different companies will offer to do this for you (for a fee, of course).

When you go to register, you will find out if your chosen domain name is already taken, or if it is available. Then you will choose a designation (usually ending in .com, .net or .org) to go with your domain name. This generally tells the user what sort of organization you are. The most common ending is .com. It is possible, in this system, to have domainname.com go to a different place than domainname.net. Also, there might be a domaname.com that is similar, but incorrect. For this reason, some companies and individuals register different names to go to the same web address in order to ensure that they are getting all of the traffic intended for them.

It is important to note that some endings, like .gov and .edu, are reserved for specific institutions (in this case the government and schools, respectively) and cannot be bought commonly through domain registration.

Here are some answers to additional common questions about domain name registration, taken from information provided by the US Department of Commerce:

What process is involved in applying for domain name registration?

Most companies have different processes for submitting a domain name registration. However, registration is usually done over the Internet. You will have to submit your real name, address and phone number so that you can be properly identified in cases of complaint, violations of law and if other issues arise. In many cases, this information will be confirmed through your Internet service provider (ISP).

Make sure you carefully read up on the process, and the terms of use and other legal information, when you apply for domain registration. Each registrar does things a little differently, and you want to make sure that you understand what is required.

Does domain registration cost money?

Usually, you have to pay if you want to register a domain name. There are some sites that offer free domain registration, but it is important to carefully screen them. They may not be officially accredited registrars or re-sellers. Domain registration costs vary by company. Shop around for a company that appears to be reasonably priced and that fits your needs.

How long does a domain registration last?

Depending on the company, your domain registration can last anywhere from one year to ten years. The company can decide to renew every year, or renew for longer periods. Many companies give you a two year domain registration. If you do not pay to renew your registration, your web site will no longer be retrievable when someone types in your web address. After a set amount of time, your domain name will become available for others to buy if they want it.

Is it possible to transfer my domain registration to another registrar?

If you want to change registrars, it is possible to do so once sixty days have passed from your initial domain name registration. However, you need to check guidelines to make sure that you are going about it properly. Contact your new registrar to find out what sorts of things are involved in the domain name transfer process.

A domain name can be a great tool. However, it is important that you understand how it works - and how to properly maintain your domain name once you have it.

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