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Want to know how to get a cheap domain name? This article explains top level domain names, has information on domain registration services, and getting domain registration with web hosting services. Keep reading for more on cheap domain names.

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When it comes staking your claim on the Internet, you need to pay for your "real estate." In the case of your home on the Web, your address is a domain name. This is the familiar www.whoyouare.com format. Your Web address is important, since it tells the world where you are, and lets people from all over find you. If you are in business, your domain name lets others find you and buy from you. Domain names are generally inexpensive; you can get cheap domain names for, on average, between $7.50 and $35 per year. You can also pay for them for multiple years. Most people pay for between two and five years, although it is possible to reserve domain name for up to 10 years.

Top level domain names

Your best bet, if you are planning to set up as an online business, or if you plan to turn your name into a brand, is to get a top level domain name. This is basically the root of your Web site. If you want your Web site to be called after your company name, a top level domain name would look like this: www.yourcompany.com. In order to get a top level domain name, you usually have to pay something.

There are free domain names, but these are generally part of another Web site. When you see something like www.company.blogspot.com or www.company.wordpress.org, you are no longer a top level domain. Instead, you are sub-domain of Blogspot or Wordpress. This has different implications for your business. Normally, if you are looking to project a more professional image (and make it easier for customers to find you online), you will want to have a top level domain name. And, since you can get most top level domain names for fairly cheap โ€“ especially if you are just looking for your company name or a product name โ€“ there is no reason to be a sub-domain just to save a few bucks.

Some top level domain names cost more, but these are generally premium domain names that contain popular search terms or that are expiring domain names that have dome rather well. If you want these, you might have to be prepared to pay much more. Most companies are fine just getting a cheap domain name, and then using quality content with appropriate keywords to help draw visitors.

Domain registration services

When you want a domain name, you have to register it. There are a number of domain registrations services that can help you find an unused domain name and claim it for your own. A designated registrar is one that has been accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A number of registrars are also Web hosts that can help you set up a proper hosting for your site and even build it using templates and other tools. You need to double check your registrar to make that it is accredited, since there are some scammers out there just looking to take your money or steal your credit card information. Make sure you are dealing with a known registrar before proceeding.

It is important that you renew your domain registration if you want to keep your service. Most registrars will send you an email before the current registration expires. This can be extremely helpful, as it reminds to keep up to date. You should realize that a domain registration is not a purchase; it is more like a rental. Unlike you keep up with your payments, you can lose your domain name โ€“ being "evicted."

Domain registration with Web hosting services

One of the easiest ways to get low cost domain registration (or even free domain registration) that is of high quality is to get it in a Web hosting package. There are a number of Web hosts, such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, LunarPages and others that offer free domain name registration when you get a certain level of Web hosting. This can be helpful, since it puts your Web host, domain registration and even your Web site creation in one place. Many Web hosts also offer email accounts and security certificates. This can be cost-effective in the right package.

Carefully evaluate your needs. You may find that domain registration as part of a larger package works well for you. On the other hand, you might find that your needs are more in line with an รก la carte system, and that you might benefit from buying domain registration separately. Look at your options and make a decision based on what will work well now, as well as what will provide you with what you need for future expansion.

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