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Unlimited Domain Hosting

Some web hosting packages offer you the ability to host multiple domain names. Keep reading for the pros and cons of hosting multiple domain names, tips on what to be aware of with unlimited domain hosting, and the best way to compare unlimited domain web hosting companies.

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If you plan to have more than one domain account on your hosting account, it is important that you look for a hosting package that offers you the ability to host multiple domain names. While it may be tempting to go with a host that offers unlimited domain hosting, though, it is important to be careful. Unlimited domain hosting, while it sounds nice, is often anything but unlimited when it comes right down it in a practical sense. 

Advantages of multiple domain hosting

There are some definite advantages to having the ability to host multiple domains on one hosting account. First of all, there is the cost. Often, hosting more than one domain on a hosting account cuts down on hosting prices. Instead of paying for two accounts (or more), you only pay for one account. This can save your business money. And it is useful if you want to host additional sites related to your company (such as special promo sites), or especially if you want to host a domain unrelated to your company.

Another advantage is the ease of use that comes with multiple domain hosting. Since your domains are on one account, it is usually a little easier to manage them and keep track of them. You can use the same control panel to manage all of your domain names, and it is convenient to do so.

Things to be aware of with unlimited domain hosting 

Many Web hosts claim that they offer you unlimited domain hosting. In theory, this is probably true. What these Web hosts mean is that you can host as many domains as you would like on one hosting account. In reality, unlimited domain hosting is impractical for a number of reasons:

  1. You have to pay for registration: Even if you do not have to pay the Web host each time you add a new domain to your hosting account, you still have to pay to register the domain name. Each domain name must be individually registered with a properly accredited registrar. This means that you will need to pay for each registration.
  2. Your domains are all drawing from the same resources. Just because you have unlimited domain hosting, it does not mean that you get unlimited space and bandwidth. All of your domains will be drawing on the same resources. Unless you upgrade your hosting account to provide you with more diskspace or bandwidth, your domains will all be drawing on the same hosting resources. This means that as you add more domains, the resources allotted to each one are reduced.
  3. Once you have five domains, you are beginning to really push it in terms of stability. While, in theory, you could have three or ten or twenty domains on one hosting account, you are starting to push it once you exceed four or five domains. Since all of your domains are drawing on the same limited resources, things start to become a bit unstable after a while. If you have too many demands on the available resources, you might find that your domains have slower load times and increased down time.

Paying for multiple domain hosting

Instead of looking for the cheapest unlimited domain hosting, it is a good idea to consider Web hosts that limit your domain names to three or five. These are a bit more realistic in terms of what can be handled on your Web hosting account. This can be helpful, since slow load times and crashed Web sites can impair your ability to do business, and they cause you to look unprofessional to interested customers and potential clients.

If you want to host multiple domains on one account, it is usually a good idea to make sure that you have the resources to take care of it. You should make sure that you have adequate bandwidth to handle traffic to more than one Web site, and you should make sure that you have enough diskspace to build the types of Web sites that you want. It may cost you a little more money, but it is usually worth it in terms of the stability and professionalism you get.

Be sure to compare Web hosts and find the best value for your money. This way, you will find that you are getting the best deal. And, of course, remember the practical issues that limit unlimited domain hosting.

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