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Ecommerce hosting requires a more features than other web hosting packages. Hosting an online business requires eCommerce tools such as SSL certificates, shopping cart software, additional web space, payment gateways, increased bandwidth, and more.

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When you have a business, you need a Web site. You want to be able to help customers and potential clients find you easily. In the case of a very small business, regular Web hosting, with just a basic Web template and a simple payment portal to a third-party payment system like PayPal may be sufficient. However, eventually you might get to the point that it becomes necessary to be able to support a more direct payment method on your site, and maybe even include a catalog and other features that make ecommerce a little easier. In such cases, you will need ecommerce Web hosting.

eCommerce Web hosting

When you have a business Web site, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have ecommerce Web hosting. Indeed, ecommerce Web hosting is a specific type of hosting designed to help you efficiently run an online business. This type of Web hosting is important if you want the bandwidth and memory necessary to prevent major site crashes, and if you want to provide your customers with a higher caliber online experience.

Some of the items that can be expected to come in a complete ecommerce Web hosting package include:

  • Increased bandwidth
  • Additional memory and diskspace
  • Payment gateway: This can provide you with the ability to directly process credit cards and echecks. This can be important, as it allows customers to make payments without leaving your Web site. It is a connection between you and the credit card transaction network.
  • Shopping cart: Allows customers to select items for check-out. It is possible for your customers to add multiple items, as well as change quantities and see other features related to purchasing your goods and services.
  • Special ecommerce features: If you want a catalog with pictures and other interactive features, you might need an ecommerce hosting package. Many ecommerce packages include the ability to create catalogs on your Web site.
  • SSL certificate: In many cases, your ecommerce hosting package will come with a security certificate. A trusted SSL certificate is an important part of showing your customers that you value their online security, and that you can be trusted.

These are often benefits that are above and beyond regular Web hosting. You won’t find most of these things if you have a free Web host or some other low-cost option. And, ecommerce Web hosts often provide these packages so that you can go to one place for your business Web site needs.

Costs of eCommerce Web Hosting

As you might expect, ecommerce Web hosting costs more than regular Web hosting. This is because it comes with a number of benefits and support. It is important to realize that you will pay between $30 and more than $200 a month for an ecommerce Web hosting package. This is because you can do so much with ecommerce Web hosting.

Additionally, many ecommerce Web hosts provide a number of services and dedicated space options for their clients. You can get a chunk of dedicated server space with an ecommerce hosting package. Additionally, you often get better customer care and support. This results in more uptime, and a lower chance of a crash. This allows your site to be operational for your customers, and less frustrating to deal with.

If you expect to grow, it is usually a good idea to consider ecommerce Web hosting. You will be more likely to get the services and products that you need to run a scalable online business. eCommerce Web hosting can be a good way for you to get “one stop shopping” for a complete business Web site that is likely to hold up as you grow.

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