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Keyword Domain Name

What is a keyword domain name? This article will define keyword domain names, offer tips on choosing a domain name, and show inappropriate use of keywords in your domain name. Keep reading for the pros and cons of choosing keywords for your domain name.

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One of the important things you can do is choose a good domain name for your business Web site. The right domain name can help potential customers find you more easily, and can even help you in the search engines. However, it is important to realize that, no matter how good they seem, a keyword domain name may not be the best way to grow traffic to your Web site. 

What is a keyword domain name?

As you might guess, a keyword domain name is one that contains one or more keywords. You probably realize that there are some words that people search often when trying to find information on products and services that you sell. A keyword domain name makes use of these keywords, usually in hyphenated fashion. You might have something http://www.keyword1-keyword2.com.

One of the reasons that people like them is that Google used to give greater precedence to keyword domain names. However, since Google has updated its algorithms, a keyword domain name does not have the same influence that it used to have. There are still indirect benefits to a keyword domain name, such as the way people link to you in the body of their text, but, for the most part, you are better off with using your company name and then writing articles with carefully placed and properly used keywords. This way, you end up with something like http://www.yourcompanyname.com/keyword1-keyword.htm. This is actually useful in Google right now.

Choosing a domain name

Instead of choosing a keyword domain name, you should consider other factors. First of all, the hyphenated nature of keyword domains is messy. It can be confusing and opens the doors to mistakes. Additionally, it doesn't provide adequate branding for your company. Keyword domain names are "out" as far as online branding tools are considered. Instead, your domain name should reflect your company name and brand. Keywords should be used in content that is regularly updated on your business Web site. 

Your domain name should also be relatively easy to remember and connected with who you are online. You can make up for a lack of keywords in the domain name by using them appropriately in titles to pages and posts on your Web site, as well as by sprinkling them in relevant places throughout the content.

Inappropriate use of keywords 

One of the problems with a keyword domain name is the fact that Google accounts for them in its spam fighting efforts. Many hyphenated keyword domain names find themselves on Google's blacklist, out of favor whether they deserve it or not. Because keyword searches are so important, Google and other search engines work tirelessly to sniff out keyword spam and shun the sites that practice it.

Some inappropriate uses of keywords include turning keywords white so that readers can't see them, but search engines can, overusing keywords to the point where they clutter up your text and using long strings of keywords for titles and in sentences. Google now has ways to get around all of these practices. While you might get away with it in the short term, seeing explosive results initially, in the end, Google will suppress the results of spammers and you will have a very difficult time climbing back out of the hole.

Keywords should be used naturally in content. If you want to enhance their usefulness, you can hyperlink them to other articles you have written on your home business Web site, or use them to link to products and services that you sell.

While a keyword domain name can be tempting, getting one isn't always the best use of your time and effort. Indeed, you are often better off by using your domain name as part of your branding efforts and leaving the keywords to other parts of your Web site.

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