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Unlimited Domains

Personal Web sites may not need unlimited domains but an ecommerce website may want to consider using unlimited domains. This article defines unlimited domains and discusses the pros and cons of unlimited domains. Keep reading for more info on unlimited domains.

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Some businesses are interested in having multiple domain names. This allows them to set up more than one Web site for certain promotions. Even if your business doesn't need more than one domain right now, there is always the chance that it might in the future. To that end, it can be a good idea in some cases to sign up with a Web host that offers unlimited domains.

What are unlimited domains?

When a Web host offers unlimited domains, it means that the host will allow you to host as many domains as you want on a single account. However, it is important to realize that this does not mean that you get all those domain names for the price of one registration. You still have to separately register each domain name and pay for the registration. You just do not have to pay for the hosting of each domain on your Web hosts account.

This can be beneficial, since it means that you are able to set up a variety of different Web sites without having to pay for additional hosting. And many of the Web hosts that offer unlimited hosting do so at low prices. If you plan to have multiple Web sites, this can be an inexpensive solution to the issue of hosting multiple Web domains.

Another benefit is the fact that it makes it easy to access your different Web sites from one control panel. All of your domains are listed on the control panel, and you have easy access. Sometimes, when you have them hosted separately, it can be difficult to manage them all. However, with unlimited domains, it is a little easier to keep track of it all.

Problems with unlimited domains

The concept of unlimited domains works quite well as long as you actually have no more than three or four domain names being hosted on your account. Once you get to five or more, things start to become a little iffy. While Web hosts can offer you unlimited domains, in practice things start to get a little difficult. This is because each domain takes up a certain amount of disk space and a certain amount of bandwidth. Once things put too much strain on the space assigned to you, it all starts to fall apart a little.

It is also vital that you realize that some Web hosts have specific requirements for unlimited domains. You may find that there are limits on CPU and RAM usage. Perhaps there is a limit on available bandwidth – and extra charges if you and all of your domain names exceed the limit. Limits may also be placed on file size and FTP uploads. This means that even though can technically have as many domains as you want, in practice you might be limited in other areas.

You should also realize that using up too much space and bandwidth can result in severe slow downs. You may find that your sites are not loading as quickly as they should, or that one or more of them is crashing. The more traffic you get to overload the system, the messier it becomes. Just because you keep adding domains, doesn't mean that the Web host is adding space and bandwidth to your account. Too much crowding can result in down Web sites or slow service. And that can mean lost customers.

While unlimited domains through Web hosting can be beneficial if you only have a couple of additional Web sites, once you get more than that, it might be a good idea to consider a dedicate server. It may cost more, but you want it to be able to handle the job of making sure all of your Web sites are up and running.

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