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What To Expect: Domain Name Price

What to Expect: Domain Name Price. This article has information on what to expect with a free domain name, a cheap domain name, and a premium domain name. Keep reading for advice on what to expect to pay for cheap and premium domain names.

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If you plan to have an address on the Internet, you need a domain name. A domain name is your home in cyber space. It is how people find you. In order to be successful as an ecommerce Web site – or any other Web site – you need a domain name. However, a domain name is not always free. You may have to pay for your domain name. While it is possible to get a domain name for free, you may have inconveniences along with it that might make it better over all to pay for a domain name.

What to expect with a free domain name

Many people start with a free domain name. A free domain name is usually one that is associated with another site. For instance, Blogger.com requires that your free domain name include its site name. Instead of being yourname.com, you must be yourname.blogspot.com. This is the same with some free Wordpress.com sites and other Web sites that you might set up. Because it is free, your domain name is part of another site.

When you get a free domain name, you should expect a lack of frills. You probably won't get any special security considerations, nor will you have access to some of the features that are offered with paid domain names. It is also important to realize that you may not get good service. After all, you pay for what you get.

The only time a free domain name comes with good service and special features is when you pay for hosting. Many Web hosts offer free domain names as long as you are using them for your hosting needs. This can be very useful if you are looking for a complete package. Indeed, it is a nice bonus for an ecommerce Web site. If you are looking for a free domain name, and you know you will getting hosting, compare Web hosts, and choose one that offers a free domain name.

What to expect with a cheap domain name

With a cheap domain name, you can expect a little more service, as well as some value-added features. However, in many cases a cheap domain name is one that is not necessarily desirable or popular in terms of popular keywords. If your domain name is the name of your business, and your business does not necessarily contain popular keywords, then you can get your domain name more cheaply. You can also expect that you are more likely to get the domain name you want, more easily – even if the domain name is expired. A cheap domain name can usually be had in conjunction with shared or other cheap Web hosting services.

What to expect with a premium domain name

If you want your domain name to have popular keywords, and you are planning on building your ecommerce business and Web site around something popular and very searchable, you will find that it is in your interest to get a premium domain name. These are expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $300. Many of these domain names have been taken already, and you have to wait for them to expire. You might have to reserve the chance to bid, and then bid higher than others looking for that domain name. You can expect a certain level of service and some help, but you will still have to arrange your own hosting, unless you go through a Web host to get your domain name. In some cases, getting a premium domain name can be made easier by signing up with a Web host that can tell you what is available, and help you snag a domain name that is set to expire.

Renewing your domain name

Because a domain name is more of a rental than something you actually buy, you have to renew it. You can buy domain names for anywhere between six months and 10 years. Most people buy domain names for between two and five years. For the most part, if you keep your domain name registration current, you can renew for the same price that you originally paid for your domain name. It rarely goes up once you have a domain name.

As long as you renew within the grace period of your expiration date, you have first dibs on your domain name. However, if you let too much time elapse, you might have to pay a premium to renew – or even bid against others to keep your domain name. It is always best to renew as soon as you receive notification to do so. This way, you are sure to keep your domain name, and almost certain to keep if for the same price you paid originally.

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